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About Us

100% Chaves County’s mission is to ensure that 100% of county residents have access to the ten vital services for surviving and thriving. We are promoting a culture of caring to heal and help our neighbors. We are working to strengthen systems of care to prevent adverse childhood experiences, social adversity and vulnerability to public health crises and economic disruptions.

Our children are totally dependent on their parents, some thrive while others endure adversity, abuse and trauma. Our students are enrolled in schools preparing for the future, or at risk for falling behind. Our communities may be well-resourced and empowering, while others lack the services to survive and thrive. Across all New Mexico, we live in different communities, each with their own histories, challenges and opportunities.

100% Chaves County initiative is a bold countywide strategy designed to ensure 100% of our residents are protected. Our goal is to create trauma-free childhoods that lead to school achievement, community engagement, job readiness and a self-sufficient and healthy life.

We’re committed to ensuring that the 10 services shown to empower children, students and families are accessible to all.


  • Medical and dental care
  • Behavioral health care
  • Housing security programs
  • Food security programs
  • Transportation to vital services


  • Parent supports
  • Early childhood education
  • Community schools
  • Youth mentor programs
  • Job training

With ten vital services in place and accessible, the local capacity to prevent all costly public health challenges, including substance use disorders, hunger, homelessness, suicidal ideation, domestic violence and child maltreatment, are greatly increased.

Imagine every child grows up with joy, health, safety and stability within a caring family. Imagine a time when every student is empowered to succeed in school. Imagine a tomorrow when every family lives in a community with the resources to care for one another.

Imagine 100% of our children thrive.